Cricket Kōans

Your Path To Cricketing Enlightenment


To many, cricket is a game of suffering. The suffering comes from wanting to go against the flow of game. Whether it be short term suffering in the form of a battle against one bowler in a session or long term suffering such as a run of bad form in a season, the incorrect method of handling this suffering is to fight it. It is possible to transcend this suffering. Many cricketers experience this, some briefly and others (masters) over the span of their career, when they attain awakening – which some may refer to as being in “the zone.”

Those who are able to attain this awakening are completely aware of the game. They are able to attain complete control over their sphere of influence in the game. Masters are able to stay in this state for a duration of their choosing. Contemporary masters include Virender Sehwag (batting), Shane Warne (bowling) and Jonty Rhodes (fielding). It should be the goal of every cricketer to become enlightened (in the game) so that he is able to end his suffering and move gracefully with the ebbs and flows of the game.

There might be several methods of achieving this goal. We choose to follow the cricketing Zen method. The student* may meditate upon cricket specific kōans until he has arrived at the answer for himself. It is highly recommended that students follow the kōans in the ascending order of case studies in the art in which they are interested. The captaincy sphere can only be attempted by a student who has mastered all the kōans in one of the core cricket arts – batting or bowling – and the supplementary art of fielding. While we can help our students* in their bid to attain complete self cricketing awareness, the capability of attaining such an awareness rests with the student him or herself.

*Students may refer to anyone who wishes to meditate on these kōans. Students at this blog must however be subscribed to it if they wish to learn under the guidance of this master. Students at this blog may leave answers at the end of a post and they will receive an answer that will either indicate that they must meditate longer on the kōan until they have achieved the answer through self-awareness or that they have answered correctly. When a student has answered correctly, he or she will be checked with a question or two to confirm that they have actually arrived at the correct answer through self awareness. They may then move on to the next kōan.

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