Cricket Kōans

Your Path To Cricketing Enlightenment

Batsmanity Case #3 – Sound

Ball strikes bat and there is sound; what is the sound of only bat?

Bowl Case #2 – Focus

Warnsha held up a cricket ball and waved it before his students. “If you call this a cricket ball,” he said, “you deny its eternal life. If you do not call this a cricket ball, you deny its present fact. Tell me then, just what do you propose to call it?”

Batsmanity Case #2 – Practice

A student approached Achyü and said “I have come to your academy, please teach me.”

Achyü asked “Have you practiced in the nets?”

The student replied “Yes, I have.”

Achyü said “Then you had better put your equipment into your kit.”


Commanding Case #1 – Seeing

Veerü stood in front of a picture of Donbee. In the picture, Donbee was wearing a cap.

“Now why doesn’t that fellow wear a cap?” asked Veerü.

Fieldless Case #1 – Anticipation

Achyü asked a player who appeared at slip catching practice for the first time “Have I ever seen you here before?” The player answered “No sir, you have not.”

“Then have an energy bar” said Achyü.

He then turned to a second player and said to him “Have I ever seen you here before?” The second player answered “Yes, of course you have.”

“Then have an energy bar” said Achyü.

Later, groundsman asked Achyü “How is it that you make the same offer of an energy bar whatever the reply to your question?”

At this Achyü shouted “Groundsman, are you still here?”

“Of course, master!” the groundsman answered.

“Then have an energy bar” said Achyü.

Bowl Case #1 – Achyü’s Line

A student approached Achyü and asked him “For my style of bowing, I do not know where my stock bowling line should be. Please tell me where my correct line is?”

Achyü replied “Show me your stock ball and I will show you your correct line.”

“But I cannot figure out my stock ball, without first seeking the correct bowling line” said the student.

“There!” snapped Achyü, “I have shown you your correct line!”

Batsmanity Case #1 – Scoring Runs

When there are fielders, runs are scored by hitting away from the fielders.

How are runs scored when there are no fielders?